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Summer 2020

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July - August 2020

Sudden Productions’ playwriting and screenwriting competitions are fantastic opportunities for young people to showcase their writing skills within the world of theatre and film.

…And, with this in mind, we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 contests, chosen by Sudden Productions Director and Playwrights.

Many congratulations to our winners, and a heartfelt thanks to all who took part and shared their plays and filmscripts; all were found to be exceptionally well-crafted and imaginative pieces. The entries were a beautiful, reflective examination of our current world and our place within it.

Playwriting Competition

1st: Isolation of an Addict, by Lucy Jones (Birmingham Ormiston Academy).

2nd: Untitled by Mia Bradley(St. Peter's Collegiate School).

3rd: A Lucid Dream by Simeon Li (Wednesfield High Academy).

4th: The Lady in the Tower by Charlotte Dolden (Birmingham Ormiston Academy).

A theatre performance by professional actors of the four scripts shortlisted will take place at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham in 2021.

The winners will be invited to attend a workshop rehearsal prior to the public performance. This takes place at the Midlands Art Centre. Here, the four young playwrights will collaborate with professional artists to develop their story further; theatre and improvisation techniques will be used to workshop each short piece, and our workshop facilitators, actors, and directors are highly experienced in accepting and moulding input from young people—all done with the aim of shaping them to fit in with the overall aim (to involve young people fairly and according to his or her ability, as well as to create an impactful and creative theatre production). The four winners will be actively involved using inventive theatre techniques.

The winning plays will then be showcased at the Midlands Arts Centre’s Hexagon Theatre. See below.

Sudden Productions Stage Performances

Showcasing Playwriting Works from our Free

Youth Arts Programme

The event provides young playwrights with the opportunity to have their new play performed in front of a live audience.

Each winner of the Playwriting Competition 2020 wins free tickets for both themselves and their drama class.

Sudden Productions Stage Performances at Mac Birmingham will take place in The Hexagon Theatre in 2021 (Date TBC when the venue reopens).

Tickets will be £3.00, and will be available to book via Mac Birmingham. The event is open to schools, youth organisations, and the general public.

Screenwriting Competition

1st: Untitled, by Shane McLean (Solihull College).

The winning script will be developed with professional screenwriters, shot in Birmingham, and premiered at the Midlands Arts Centre in 2021.


Summer 2020

A Summer Unlike Any Other


Summer 2020

Summer 2020: A Summer Unlike Any Other is a set of 10 video-making challenges, designed to help young people stay connected and express themselves during this very different summer.

It is part of a series of projects and competition designed by Sudden Productions during the Coronavirus pandemic, and is aimed at young people aged 11 and over.

Summer 2020 will be a summer unlike any other: some of us may not go away this year, or some of us may not see our friends and family as much as we would like. This begs the question: How can you have a fun summer amid the Coronavirus pandemic? As the UK eases coronavirus restrictions and summer is already underway, we are all figuring out how to connect with others while trying to stay safe

What will YOUR summer look like?

Use one of our challenges to document your 2020 summer holidays.

Will you be learning something new this summer? How about new dance moves, or how to speak French? Will you have a picnic in the park with your friends, where every person brings a blanket that is big enough? You may interview your family to know what they are planning to do, too. Will you take part in a social-distancing hike with friends? Will you cook new recipes? Will you take part in an outdoor painting class, where you can work on easels while staying appropriately distanced? How about an outdoor movie night?

How creative will you be?

So, how does it work?

We have devised 10 challenges to help young people creatively document their 2020 summer holiday using the video cameras already available on their phones. Those who take part do not have to appear on the video, and the video can be kept private or be shared publicly.

List of Ideas: 10 Videos You Could Make!

Select anyone (or several) of the challenges and shoot a short video with your phone! Share it with your friends via your school, youth club, etc. You can also upload it on our website for everyone to see.

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