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Lady Picture

A powerful film trailer and theatre project designed from comments and real-life stories given by Young people fighting cancer and disabled young people.


The project tours secondary schools and youth centres. The film is followed by an educational programme consisting of drama workshops (short performance, hot seating, role plays, and other shared activities), and professionally facilitated discussions.

Children with Disability or ill-health: Any child who is different from the norm is vulnerable (disability or ill-health, etc). 38% of disabled children worry about being bullied. One in three children with cancer are bullied for their symptoms

Effects of Bullying

Children who are bullied are more likely to have:

  • Depression and anxiety. Signs of these include increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. These issues may persist into adulthood.
  • Health complaints
  • Decreased academic achievement and school participation. They are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school.

Bullying Hurts: Education pack offered across the West Midlands for a small financial participation



Bullying in all its forms can spread through peer groups insidiously, even driving some children to attempt to take their own lives

It is imperative that we, as a community, do our utmost to support schools in delivering an anti-bullying policy.No child deserves to be bullied.The effects of bullying can go on for years. We need to prevent children from becoming embittered, unhappy and unfulfilled.

One fantastic way of showing children the consequences of bullying is by producing a DVD as impactive as the TV and computer games that already excite them.

Tackling bullying provides long-term benefit to the community as studies have found that adults who were bullies as children have a higher chance than others of acquiring a criminal record. They also tend to be aggressive, and have problems maintaining relationships.

“Bullying hurts”

“Bullying hurts”- Bullying Hurts is approximately 5 minutes in length and expertly introduces the issue of bullying of vulnerable young people (ill-health, disabled or learning difficulties) which is not often tackled. Sudden Productions has ensured that the standard of production has produced an unforgettable visual experience. So many well meaning films fail to hit the mark with young people purely because they cannot compete with the sophisticated images that children are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Educational pack

Our anti-bullying educational pack for KS3 and KS4 pupils raises awareness of bullying and its effects, both short and long term. We also raise the important issue of bullying of vulnerable young people (ill-health, disabled or learning difficulties). Links to further resources and videos, and useful websites are also provided.


  • Film “Bullying Hurts”
  • Worksheet 1: Helpful tips on drawing up an anti-bullying policy
  • Worksheet 2: Screenplay “Bullying Hurts”
  • Worksheet 3: How to identify bullying?
  • Worksheet 4: Informative discussion and extension activities
  • Worksheet 5: Anti-bullying drama activities
  • Worksheet 6: Facts about bullying of vulnerable young people (ill-health, disabled or learning difficulties).

The anti-bullying film and bullying lesson plan compliment PSHE requirements.

Theatre performances and Drama workshops

Theatre performances and Drama workshops are also available upon request. Playing time is approximately 15 minutes followed by a participatory drama workshop including hot seating of the characters and forum theatre (total duration of the 15 min play + 45 min workshop: 60 minutes). We can accommodate anything from one class to an entire year group. Bullying Hurts is suitable for PSHE, Drama, Anti-Bullying week and Enrichment Days.

The workshop explores:

  • What is bullying? Different types of bullying. Bullying of vulnerable young people (ill-health, disabled or learning difficulties).
  • The different roles of bully, victim and bystander
  • Coping strategies & the difference between an assertive and an aggressive response
  • Staying safe and Getting help

Our actors show a bullying scenario and guided by our facilitator the pupils themselves explore the motives behind each characters views and actions. Pupils are encouraged to look at bullying from the viewpoint of the bully, bystander and victim. Pupils give the characters their opinions and advice and then practically try out some of their own strategies by rerunning the scenario which allows pupils to explore different coping strategies in a safe environment. The anti-bullying drama workshop also signposts pupils to various different ways to get help including what the structure of getting help is in your school and how they can access this.