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In 2019 and 2020, we visited schools and youth centres with our new project on Knife Crime Awareness. After showing an original short film, we delivered a theatre workshop and group discussion on Knife Crime Awareness, in 2020 we also deliver online projects on FEARFUL.

We have now successfully devised a hard-hitting project which will help and support parents, teachers, youth workers, police and others to deglamourise this criminal world. We highlight the reasons people carry knives and the implications of doing so and explore ways of avoiding conflict and making better choices. FEARFUL tells the story of Liam & Ben through Film and Theatre. Liam will use his knife to threaten Ben. The story unfolds and Liam will be the victim of his own knife. We then develop the story further and highlight the impact on his mother Lisa and best friend Brian , as well as on Ben’s sister Sophie.

Shocking stories and statistics, concerning the death and injury of young people as a result of knife crime, highlight the need for early effective intervention. Fully risk-assessed, our knife crime workshops provide the ideal environment for the safe exploration of delicate and controversial issues, supporting educational work on citizenship.

The themes of the sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Gang Culture & Dangers; County Lines Drug Trafficking

Session 2: Mental Health & The Consequences of Knife Crime; What The Law Says About Knife Crime & Carrying Weapons; Conflict Resolution; Self-control, Respect and Self-Respect

Session 3: Peer to Peer Influence and Weapon Use; Peer Pressure – Saying ‘NO’ to Carrying Knives; Social Media & Trap and Drill Music: Cause or a Symptom?

Session 4: Staying Safe: Borough Wars and the Postcode Trap; Social Media and Knife Crime; Grooming & Knife Crime

You can book the 4 online workshops or book 1 or 2 workshops and mix with lesson plans/teaching resource packs.