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Love Trap

Love Trap

Love Trap focuses on raising awareness of child sexual exploitation and grooming via live or online performances and drama workshops with young people.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a type of abuse. It’s when children & young people are tricked into performing sexual acts. It can happen to both boys and girls. At the start, the young person may think they’re in a loving consensual relationship, because they get gifts, money, status, affection. In reality, they are being groomed. Having gained the child’s trust, abusers can control them through threats and violence. They may force them to have sex with other people and even make them groom other young people for sex. As a result of lockdown measures, children are increasingly online and dependent on social media to remain in contact with friends, express feelings, study, and distract themselves—and, as highlighted by EUROPOL, sexual offenders are taking advantage of this situation

Our ultimate aim is for young people taking part in the project to know that they can recognise grooming now and say no! Exploitation crosses cultural and class boundaries and can happen to children and young people in any environment and of any gender and sexual orientation. Children at risk of sexual exploitation need a voice and the open forum debate format used in our workshops are effective in enabling children and young people to speak up, both about their own experiences and when coming together to create solutions for preventing exploitation and for seeking help in escaping abuse.

Our workshops will make use of age appropriate role play scenarios to give children and young people the chance to develop their protective skills and their understanding of the different ways in which children can become groomed and exploited both by adults and even their own peers.

Themes for each session:

Session 1: Introduction to CSE and Online Grooming – Why this programme is important; who the course is for; what Child Sexual Exploitation is; what online grooming is; exploring the definitions in more detail; the models of exploitation.

Session 2: How Young People Become Involved in CSE – Vulnerability; case studies; how young people are targeted; what is known about perpetrators; warning signs; hotspots.

Session 3: How Young People React to CSE/Online Grooming – Emotions that accompany CSE; why young people don’t disclose abuse; why young people may return to their abusers; recognising CSE; talking about CSE and the impact of online sexual exploitation.

Session 4: Where to Report Child Sexual Exploitation – Support for families; support for families and young people; Childline.

You can book the 4 online workshops or book 1 or 2 workshops and mix with lesson plans/teaching resource packs.