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"I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It was cleverly produced in that key messages/statistics on climate change were delivered with accuracy as well as appropriate humour to the age range of our GCSE students. " Read More

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Filmmaker TERENCE WALTERS considers giving up as his last disaster’s film script didn’t get picked up by leading production companies. He takes a lonely walk at the park, where he meets HOPE, a sci-fi fairy, who shows him all the devastation that climate change will bring to the world during the next 50 years. Now determined to make a change, Terence campaigns and lectures at secondary schools. He soon meets JORDAN, 17, who seems unconcerned and relaxed when it comes to the future of the world. Will TERENCE and HOPE succeed in convincing JORDAN and his generation to act?

OUT LOUD is stage production which raises awareness of Climate Change. Free Public performances will take place at mac Birmingham on Wednesday 10th April 2PM and 4PM.

OUT LOUD will also tour 12 secondary schools and colleges in April & May 2019 in Birmingham. The Out Loud Resource pack will be available from June 2019 and will be delivered to all 79 secondary schools and colleges in Birmingham.

Workshops at St Basils in April 2019

A stage production and series of 4 drama workshops will take place at St Basils in April 2019 on Mental Health Awareness. The feedback from this series of workshop will be used to design our next stage production on Teenage Suicide Awareness called THE EDGE.

The Edge in Autumn 2019

Ian doesn’t need help. At least that’s what he shouts. But Eventually he gets help, sees a doctor and joins a support group. He gets better, and then the depression comes back again. At his most desperate he pushes away everyone who loves him and says hateful, hurtful things. On Wednesday, he failed to take his life. And now, what?

THE EDGE consists of a stage play, drama workshops and an educational resource pack raising awareness of Teenage Suicide. The project will tour secondary schools and colleges between September and November 2019. Book a performance and workshop now!


Fearful is a touring drama project (Short Film and Stage Play) about Knife Crime Awareness. Feedback from Drama workshops in Youth Centres in April 2019 will be used to prepare for a tour in in secondary schools, youth & voluntary organisations in Spring 2020. An educational resource pack will also be delivered to all 79 secondary schools and colleges in Birmingham.

FEARFUL consists, on the screening, of a short film followed by a monologue and a participatory drama workshop.

The short film is used to tell Ben’ story; how he decided to carry a knife and the tragic consequences stemming from this decision when two boys want to take his bike from him. Lisa, his mother, comes on stage at the end of the short film. She tells the audience her side of the story—all about her pain, her loss, as Ben had to leave home to face justice. She asks herself why he decided to take a knife. What would have happened if he hadn’t? She feels she failed him. She wonders what could she have done to avoid this tragedy. She remembers how sweet Ben was when he was little—and, suddenly, it hits her: this boy, Liam, died of his injuries after being stabbed by Ben, and Liam’s mother grieves and remembers how sweet a boy he was.

Lucy, young and homeless

Lucy, young and homeless follows the story of a girl who is willingly on the streets after being abused at home. But she soon finds herself struggling, alone and afraid. She comes to realise that the streets are no haven for anyone.

The stage production of Lucy, young and homeless will be offered to schools, youth clubs and hostels in June and July 2019. The play is followed by a drama workshop, and a Teaching resource pack is offered for free to youth leaders and teachers welcoming the project.