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"I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It was cleverly produced in that key messages/statistics on climate change were delivered with accuracy as well as appropriate humour to the age range of our GCSE students. " Read More

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Sister Jenni

Sister Jenni

Sister Jenni is a multi media play using fast paced drama, video projection and soundscape, it portrays the soul searching inner dialogue of a girl on the edge. A large projection screen is used which shows images that visually reflect Jenni's thoughts and dreams, as well as images seen through the eyes of those who care about Jenni and try to help her.

"An extremely powerful cross arts performance...demonstrating high quality skills... and exploring drugs issues in a very dynamic and real way".

"Pupils were fully engaged through the performance and workshop. They really enjoyed what they were doing and have clearly taken something away from the day."

"Excellent role models... powerful performance and project"

"The discussion was informative and allowed students to disclose feelings and opinions, in a safe and friendly environment, without fear of failure."

Feedback on Sister Jenni and our Drug Abuse Awareness Workshops

  • Research and Development: When developing the script, we created a partnership with Drug Action Team (Birmingham) and Birmingham Hiah (Voluntary organization which provides Drugs and Alcohol Advice and Information, Outreach Activities... for young people in Birmingham). We related our workshops to the true-life experiences of the young people approached in the drug units and set up a non-blaming atmosphere to enable them to talk freely about their experience of drugs. The young people's comments were used to devise the stage production.
  • Tour: Sister Jenni toured theatres and as a TIE piece in schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands.
  • Tour in Birmingham / West Midlands
  • Education and outreach: As well as being promoted to the General public, the stage play was attended by young people approached through schools, youth centres, connexions, voluntary organizations, etc. The young people were also offered workshops and discussions as a follow up.