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"I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It was cleverly produced in that key messages/statistics on climate change were delivered with accuracy as well as appropriate humour to the age range of our GCSE students. " Read More

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Standing Tall

Standing Tall

"Standing Tall" is a series of theatre workshops aimed at with young men in gangs and offending on gender-specific issues and anti-social behaviour.

In terms of continuous work on gangs' issues, It is unanimously agreed that while there is a clear need for girls work, this could be more effective if other work, complementary to its aims, ran alongside it. The most frequently discussed is the need for a "brothermodel" of gender-sensitive work with boys. This is needed to give boys a non-judgmental space to have their questions answered, and to address their attitudes towards women, which some research has described as 'disrespectful and predatory'. Issues around sex and relationships, masculinity, aggression, respect, and the mainstreaming of pornography all impact on boys' attitudes.

Survey data also shows young men to have confused ideas about the meaning of consent. It is noted that whilst boys involved in gangs and offending were frequently worked with, this was rarely done in a gender-sensitive way; "all generic services are aimed at boys, what they don’t do is gendered work with boys and young men"

Opinion Matters surveyed a random sample of 1012 people in London aged 18 to 25 online on behalf of The Havens,sexual assault centres.

A quarter doesn’t not believe it to be rape if a woman says no to sex and the man continues anyway, and half didn't consider it to be rape if the other person changes their mind during sex.