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"I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It was cleverly produced in that key messages/statistics on climate change were delivered with accuracy as well as appropriate humour to the age range of our GCSE students. " Read More

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Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies

Tell me...Lies combines physical theatre, drama and surrealism into one brilliantly inventive project. Populated by a varied and vastly entertaining cast of characters (real or delusions), the project introduces us to Abi, a young woman who has just lost her mother and who is soon facing the first symptoms of schizophrenia.

Education and outreach: Young people benefit from Tell me...Lies as an educational and outreach programme tackling and challenging pre-conceived ideas about mental health & mental illness to work towards a more understanding and inclusive society. When developing the project, partnerships have been created with Mental Health organisations such as SANE or Mind. The young people involved in this project are approached through Connexions, voluntary organisations, Mental Health organisations, youth centres and schools.

Specific issues dealt through the project:

  • Bereavement/Grieving
  • Schizophrenia
  • Pre-conceived ideas about mental health & mental illness


In the UK, one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem each year.One in ten children has a mental health disorder to a "clinically significant" level.70% of people affected by mental illness have experienced discrimination as a result.

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