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Summer 2020

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It was cleverly produced in that key messages/statistics on climate change were delivered with accuracy as well as appropriate humour to the age range of our GCSE students. " Read More

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The Edge

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THE EDGE raises awareness of Teenage Suicide and is based on workshops and interviews with young people with multiple difficulties living in temporary accommodation at St Basils in Birmingham.

The Edge

On Wednesday, Paul failed to take his life.

Paul doesn’t need help—at least, that’s what he shouts. Eventually, he sees a doctor, joins a support group, and seems to gets better—and then the depression comes back. At his most desperate point,he pushes away everyone who loves him and says hateful things.

So what now?

If you would like to book or to attend a performance,please note that The Edge is on tour in schools and colleges from Monday the 2nd to Monday the 9th March, 2020. A public performance is planned in April at the Midlands Arts Centre.

THE EDGE is also available for further tour bookings throughout 2020 and 2021.

THE EDGE From Young audiences, Teachers and Youth Workers

"I thought it was very sad and at the same time it’s really important to have conversations and not call people names."

"It felt like they were real people not just actors."

"I liked how even though they were all suffering they all showed it in different ways, Lauren was all bubbly, Cathy was like she didn’t care, and Paul showed it as like anger. It shows how it’s not always the same for everybody."

"I liked how naturalistic the characters were, it was like they weren’t really acting."

"I felt like there was a lot of research went into it."

"It felt like everyone knew how someone with depression would be in that situation."

"It made me realise how much we have to reach out to other people who are closed off from us, it’s given me a lot of ideas about how I could reach out to people."

"We’re doing a performance around this kind of thing in Drama and seeing how this play has been done it’s given us a lot of ideas how we can make it better."

"I think you’ve put yourself in the headspace really well it’s really believable."

"The bonds between the characters worked really well, and between the actors as well"

"The characters were really relatable - we have a ‘Lauren’ here definitely, and [name removed] has anger issues so we could all see ourselves."

"I had an incident just a couple of days ago where I felt like [Paul], the shouting and the kicking off I know exactly how that feels, so I’ve pretty much seen myself exactly."

"It makes me wonder what I can do if a friend has any of these issues."

"It was really relatable - we have lots of students who are off to uni next year, so we feel like it’s really important perhaps to highlight some of these issues that they might come into contact with"

"We have a lot of male students in 6th form with anger issues and I think it’s really reat that the central character is male."

"One of the issues we face on a regular basis is that the pastoral team see meltdowns like we saw in the play and when that happens we aren’t really equipped to deal with that, so if a play like this can help to stop that type of situation from arising in the first place I think that’s a really positive thing."

"There are only a certain number of specialists in the area who can come and help us deal with a student in meltdown, so sometimes it can be a long time until they arrive, so it’s about finding ways to keep them safe until they arrive. We can’t let them out of our sight."

"It’s really good to see a group of strangers helping each other it makes me feel like it doesn’t matter if you feel alone there might be someone who can listen to you if you feel desperate."